How It Works

For Teachers.

Tired of wasting time tracking down permission slips & money?
Worried about the safety of yourself or your students?
Tired of lost permission slips in the backpack “blackhole”?
Do you worry about the responsibility of holding funds until the field trip?
Do you avoid taking field trips because of the time energy and organization of going into it?
This website is for you. Sign up, authorize and pay for the field trip in two easy steps.

Register for BackPackBucks.

  • Select "Registration" and then select "School Registration".
  • Provide requested information.
  • Check your email and select “Activate Account”. We will verify your admin status.

Add Class Roster.

  • Select “Set Up Your First Class Event”. (If you are not ready to set up your first class event you can set up your class roster so when you do have a class event set up will be seamless).
  • Name your Class. (Ex. Ms. Smith’s First Grade) and provide a description of the class (not required).
  • Select “Add Class”.

Add Student and Parent Information.

  • Complete all sections in red.
  • Add Student Name.
  • Add Primary Guardian Name, Email Address.
  • Add Student to Class Roster.
  • Add multiple students by clicking “Save & Add Another Student”.
  • If you need to add a School Event. Select “Add a School Event”.

Create a Field Trip or School Event.

  • Select “Add a New School Event”.
  • Provide a Description of the School Event.
  • Select Your Class and all students you have uploaded will be selected. Students can be deselected by selecting the student name.
  • Select Field Trip or School Event form from your files. Note the type of forms allowed. (Ex. PDF). Add Form.
  • Add trip location, date & time.
  • Enter trip cost. Website will calculate any additional fees.
  • Select reminders. You can send parents and guardians up to three trip reminders prior to the trip. Trip reminders should end 3 days prior to the trip to assure trip funds can be transferred to you.
  • Create any optional information.
  • Once you have reviewed the information select “Save & Publish”. If you are not ready to send info to parents & guardians select “Save”.

After Field Trip is Created.

  • After you are done creating a field trip select "Your Account".
  • Select “PayPal Payout Settings” (you can use your own PayPal or create a new one just for this) type in the email associated with the PayPal account.
  • Select "Save" and fund your PayPal account.

For Parents.

Are you ever worried about your child carrying around cash for a field trip?
Are you ever worried that your child has not handed in the permission slip and could possibly miss the trip?
Are you a class parent or involved with your schools Parent Teacher Organization? Is collecting funds a tedious and time consuming process?
This website is for you. Sign up, authorize and pay for the field trip in two easy steps.

Signing Up is Simple.

  • Click on the link supplied by your child’s teacher.
  • Sign up with email address and a create password.
  • You will be directed to your account portal.
  • Click on students trips, then click on students name and complete profile (at minimum you must complete primary guardian phone number and primary emergency contact name and number. You may also add child's medications or allergies if applicable).
  • Then click save, publish and update.
  • Now click see trips and sign up.
  • Look at field trip form, type you name and enter the days date.
  • Pay for trip (PayPal, Credit or debit card or e-check).
  • The teacher will receive the money that day and you will receive a confirmation email or text if you would like.

Start Organizing, Managing & Paying for field trips online.