About Us

About Us

BackpackBucks was created to help Teachers, Parents, Parent Associations, and School Districts manage School Events, Field Trips, and Extracurricular Activities.

  • Teachers can spend their time teaching instead of tracking time down forms and collecting money.
  • Students no longer have to carry cash to school and no longer have the responsibility of turning in signed permission slips.
  • Emergency contact info and relevant health info are available at teacher’s fingertips – even during the trip.
  • Schools can collect funds in a timely manner.
  • Parent Associations can reach all members, even those who don't attend association meetings, improving communication and increasing fund raising
  • Parents receive timely information on school events and can provide permission and pay online.

Our Goal

BackPackBucks goal is to help teachers manage the field trip and school event sign up and payment process. Once a teacher invites a parent to sign up for BackpackBucks, the field trip and school event process becomes automated. Teachers can spend their time teaching instead of tracking down forms and collecting money.

How the Idea Came to Life

A teacher in New York City was tired of the antiquated way field trips were done. For each trip, she would create and send home a paper permission slip and a request for the money to pay for the trip. These were sent home via her student’s backpacks. Parents needed to complete and sign the form, as well in send in the cash. The students were frequently the ones responsible for making sure these two items got back into their teachers’ hand. Once returned to her, she would usually be checking off students name on a class list for permission and payment, keeping these forms & money in a manila envelope in her backpack. She found she was often digging through student backpacks to find signed slips and trip money. Emailing parents back and forth to insure slips or payments were received, counting money and tracking down permission slips every day leading up to a trip began cutting into valuable prep and teaching time.

She brought the idea to her husband, who worked in financial services. They put their heads together and came up with BackpackBucks.com. BackpackBucks.com was the simple name they chose because students, teachers and even members of PTA or PA would carry money from fundraising and field trips in them.

She thought there must be a better way. Is it safe for students to be carrying money back and forth to school? Is it safe for her or fellow teachers to be carrying several hundred dollars in their bags to and from work? In this digital age, wouldn’t parents prefer to pay online? Wouldn’t it give a parent or guardian piece of mind knowing the signed form and money were instantly received by the teacher instead of giving this responsibility to their elementary-aged son or daughter?

Start Organizing, Managing & Paying for field trips online.