Spend more time teaching and less time tracking down field trip forms! From emailing permission slips to receiving payment digitally, teachers no longer need to worry about collecting paper slips or handling trip cash.


Once registered, you will receive an email or text message confirming receipt of a signed trip form and completed payment for each field trip your child takes. Students no longer carry cash in backpacks to school.

Schools & Organizations

School administrators can offer teachers the convenience of communicating to parents through email to set up and pay for field trips and school events. Administrators will have online access to signed forms. Funds can be transferred to teachers when need to pay for trips.


Collecting money for trips and school events time consuming and cumbersome? Use our PTA link to automate notification, approval and payment for all PTA sponsored events and trips! No more weekly trips to the bank with multiple checks and cash!

BackpackBucks.com is a website created by a New York City school teacher to help teachers and parents easily manage field trip forms, permission slips and trip payment.

Start Organizing, Managing & Paying for field trips and school events online.